Community Manager

Hi. At WeLoveNoCode we help people create products without code

We were published on Product Hunt and became top 1 of the day.

Thanks for the opening :)

Let me tell you what happened: We recently launched to help nocode fans find each other. But, we are missing a person who would actively develop and participate in the life of this community.

You will have two primary tasks:

1) To be active in the community, organizing contests and sharing interesting news.

2) Make up programs aimed at community growth (community geeks, raffles, etc.).

Our marketing team includes a content marketer and a target marketer. And also, a few designers :)

If this is about you, then feel free to get in touch.

>You used to be a community manager in a foreign community

>You're creative and you love to help people.

>You have experience in No-Code tools like Integromat/Zapier/Bubble/Tilda

>You have excellent written English

What do we give you for this?

>Money (at first part time (10-20 hours a week), then full time)

>Training in the most popular no-code platforms

>Self-sufficiency for those who need it

>Help for those who don't need independence :)

And then we'll make a cool company together.

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